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Available via non-commercial and

ad funded broadcast TV,

SVOD services and feature film

Supplying branded props to production companies and studios free of charge for suitable sets and scenarios where the product would naturally feature and therefore be editorially justified.

Brands are represented by agencies like us to support the production industry by offering a cost saving opportunity which also enhances realism within the content itself. Brands benefit from featuring within high profile content alongside key talent. There are no official deals in place between the agencies, brands, production companies or studios and final inclusion is not guaranteed as opposed to paid campaigns.


Available via non-commercial and

ad funded broadcast TV

High level brand inclusion where a full episode or part of an episode features around the brand itself. These opportunities occur across lifestyle, reality, and factual content.


As with Prop Placement branded products are supplied free of charge but in addition there is a larger element of support, for example the use of a brand's production facilities as a location, or a brand ambassador featuring on screen as an expert.


Available via ad funded broadcast TV

and feature film

Paid deals with broadcasters and studios to guarantee the inclusion, or a reference to, a product, service, or trademark for a commercial purpose. Guarantees are usually linked to the time on screen and/or release of the exposure.


Larger licencing and amplification opportunities can be secured around placement activity and investment levels are much greater than Prop Placement campaigns because of the guarantees offered. Industry examples include ITV’s Love Island activity with Superdrug and Coronation Street activity with Costa Coffee and Co-op.




To increase our placement targeting effectiveness and campaign results, we use the latest audience analysis tools to target key audience types based on demographic, interests and viewing habits.


Using this approach with our content, character and audience targeting allows us to manage bespoke placement campaigns for brands across all category areas. 




For Prop Placement retainer campaigns, we fully manage campaign activity from start to finish. This includes product storage in our

on-site warehouse and logistics directly to set by our team.


This allows us to support our proactive placement search and be reactive to last minute changes on set which open up new opportunities for brands.



Studio tracking of all productions supplied to and in-depth analysis of all exposure using our AVE media evaluation tool for all types of placement campaigns.


This ensures that every placement secured by us is fully evaluated, measured against key objectives set by our clients and given a true placement media value verified by Vizieum and Mediacom.




Advice and content planning to amplify Prop Placement activity and commercially support Paid Product Placement activity.


With content making up such a large part of our social currency, placement provides relevant and exciting content for social channels.



A retainer campaign with us provides the additional opportunity for synonymy with the industry via brand support for screenings, premieres, and high-profile industry events as well as key talent sampling opportunities.



Whilst we are a UK agency, for many of our clients we actively work with international agency partners across Europe and the US to collaborate on brand activity where filming crosses multiple territories.

If you are a brand with existing representation outside of the UK, we can work alongside your international agency to ensure that our activity is aligned and can also support with filming requirements in the UK.



With proven access into the leading broadcasters (non-commercial and advertising funded), subscription VOD services and film distributors, our placement campaigns offer a unique opportunity to access content released across terrestrial and digital platforms, helping brands to reach millions of engaged viewers, no matter when, where or how they are watching.

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Here at Prop Portfolio placement isn't just our job - it's our passion. Our team of dedicated placement experts work with leading ad funded and non-commercial TV broadcasters, SVOD services and international feature film studios to secure the best possible Prop and Product Placements for our clients.


We understand brands - our brand matching research team ensure that each placement reflects and supports our clients' positioning, target audiences and ongoing marketing communications. Whether we are on-set or in the office you can be sure that we are always strong advocates of the brands we represent.


So, how do we do it? With over 30 years of experience in UK and international Prop and Product Placement, our experienced team and unrivalled network of key production talent allows us to consistently secure in depth production information early on, allowing us to secure seamless but unmissable placements from the outset. This has positioned us as a market leader within the Prop and Product Placement industry and ensured that our incredible roster of clients continues to grow year-on-year.




Our proactive approach to placement, reputation within the industry and unbeatable network of key production contacts means that we are constantly working on the latest commissions across all genres and offering the best opportunities to integrate our clients products and services into relevant content, in front of millions of engaged viewers.


Below are just a few examples of our Prop Placement results for brands on our current roster - contact us to see more.




Our team are experts in placement and have extensive experience across a wide range of category areas. We are proud to have the largest agency roster in the placement market with over 50 brands on retainer in 2021. From leading global brands looking to replicate their industry positioning on-screen, to start-ups aiming to build their profile, here are a selection of the clients we currently represent:

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Are you a brand looking to gain exposure in the UK’s best content? Then get in touch with our team via email, telephone or our contact form to hear about the opportunities available. We are always looking for new brands to add to our portfolio and increase our offering to the production industry.

Are you a production looking for prop support, clearance, or placement advice? We are here to help. Contact us and ask for our production team.


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